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We believe in equal opportunities. We target motivated individuals with positive energy and provide them with a platform to nourish their knowledge, skills and competencies with an attractive career development path. If you are a talented individual who is passionate, dedicated and committed to a bright opportunity than, we warmly welcome you to our team.

Our selection program

We follow a structured process of hiring of right people at right place on right time.

Work Culture

Family food’s core belief is “respect for people” & “honesty”.
We have a culture of friendliness where everyone’s efforts are recognized and acknowledged. We strongly encourage teamwork and synergetic culture where every member contributes with best efforts in achieving our organizational and strategic goals.

Our people philosophy

We believe greatly in individual development and growth and we design a career path for each of our employees to grow with the company.We strongly believe in our employees who contribute to our success throughout. Our training and development programs aim to enhance required key performance areas of our employees and assign them with challenging roles and tasks that help them diversify their expertise and capabilities to ensure that our employees remain the best, competent, and always ready to face future challenges of the industry.We welcome and encourage fresh graduates to explore the areas of learning in our organization.

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