Where it all started


Family Foods of today which is a renowned and leading brand in snack food industry in Pakistan, started in year 1990, with the vision of Mr. Haji Abu Baker, to become the global leader in the snack & food industry, with a small unit in Duniapur, Lodhran, Pakistan and a single Namkeen snack product. Within a short span of time, Family Foods gained immense recognition in the local industry based on its great taste and quality of branded snack products, which required the expansion of operational facilities to meet the demand of our consumers. In order to fulfil the ever -increasing demand for Namkeen product along with number of other related branded snack products, Family Foods, moved its manufacturing facilities to main Multan city, in year 2004, and till now we are operating and managing our business processes from Multan city which enabled easy access to distribution network and brought us closer to our family of customers. The actual historical roots of this business and expertise go back an early 19th century when the father of Mr. Haji Abu Baker, Mr. Haji Rehmatullah (Late) was famous in city of Rawalpindi for his mouth-watering and quality snacks. He was always encouraged and loved by his customers because of the snack food taste and quality he ensured and the same legacy has been carried forward by his family till date with the unshaken commitment on the quality.


We believe in simplicity and promote the culture of simplicity, because “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.Our foundational pillars of business policies are also our living standards that we live by each and every day and those pillars are:
Loyalty and honesty in every aspect of life and this has been the top priority of our company and team, hard work and strong determination for the continuous improvement in production processes as well as in self- improvement of our own lives as this presents a solid platform for our pursuit towards a better tomorrow, transparent processes and avoiding hidden elements related to production and processes concerning health of our beloved consumers.
Further to empower our team members and family of employees through providing a supportive and friendly working environment to nourish our strong long-term relationship with these members, decentralizing the hierarchy of organizational systems to prosper the flow of an open network of people sharing their expertise and knowledge and moving towards a common and shared goal. At family Foods, every single member strives to become the best through competing with our own performance standards every day. We keenly gather and research consumer markets for the identification of gaps in our performance, to understand what matters most to our loyal consumers, rather than emphasizing more on competition than our consumers As our consumers have been a strong pillar in the progress of Family Foods and will always be at the canter of whatever we continue to do in future.”
-Haji Abu Baker


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the global leader in delighting consumers through innovation and focus on quality and providing them with healthy and delicious food products.

Our Mission

Our mission is the adaptation of the belief of continuous improvement, in quality standards, through innovation in processes and technology, rigorous market and consumer research, training and development of our valuable employees to match the dynamic needs of the future, and through contributions in building a stronger and more sustainable society.

Purpose & Principle

Our purpose and principles are focused on quality improvement at every level of our value delivery processes. Our products are famous in the industry for their great taste and best quality and we always strive to reach newer levels of quality through Research & Development. We strictly follow the philosophy of continuous improvement, in our business processes, in our products and in our customer services. Our processes are focussed on minimizing the waste and redirecting additional resources on quality assurance standards to ensure, healthier and best quality products for our customers. Our principles of better quality products are:
    Total compliance with quality standards and guidelines.
    Continuous improvement.
    Hygiene and health of our customers.
    Safety at workplace.
    Equality and respect for our employees.
    Focus on customer satisfaction.
    Environmental friendly processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We cover following social responsibilities for the betterment of society:
    Support for victims of natural disasters.
    First aid and medical facilities for Health & Safety of employees & their families.
    Support for regular health care programmes to create health awareness.
    Education support programs, Scholarships and education Aids for deserving students on need basis.

Research and Development

We are always focused on what’s best for our customer, that is why we are strictly against artificial colouring and unnatural food additives in our products, and we allocate our major resources on technological improvement, which makes it easier to ensure quality processing of the materials and preserves its freshness, taste, and aroma till the end


Another major area on which we allocate most of our resources is on training and development of our team members, to boost innovation at the workplace and to nourish the ability to face future challenges related to our business. These well trained, team members and advanced technological resources, both opened new doors of possibilities for the brand, especially, in increasing of demand, as our skilled specialists and advanced equipment made it possible for us to ensure the natural taste, aroma, and freshness at every single bite of our branded products. We are always in pursuit of better skills and techniques to make our promise of best quality and freshness, stronger.